Kanzeon Bodhisattva



  • Study [1]. Visit the underworld [2]. Honour your family [3]. Become a man [4] / Become a woman [5]. Give up all addictions, one by one [6].
  • Offer yourself. Look for the light. Be transformed.
  • Turn around. Let all your convictions be destroyed.[7]

Then, make a choice. Become a priest, or:
Stay a lay person.

If you stay a lay person,

  • Live your life, follow the stars. Lead the congregation.
  • Have fun! Forget this list.

If you become a priest,

  • Give up your life.
  • Meet the devil. See the differences. Make love. Go deep. Drink! Drink! Be alone.
  • Be ordained. Wield your sword and give life. Be a bridge.
  • Carry the universe in your womb.
  • Be wise. Have fun! Forget this list.


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